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Our Products

Phenolic Foam

A versatile material boasting a wealth of benefits, phenolic foam offers unrivalled thermal and fire performance, while simultaneously adding structural strength and moisture resistance. This makes it ideal for the insulation of pipework and vessels across the board – from domestic and industrial uses to highly specialised applications such as off-shore installations and in-surface ships. An all-rounder that guarantees results, phenolic foam is an economically and environmentally friendly option, thanks to its energy saving properties.

Glass Fibre and Mineral Wool

Thanks to their versatile, workable nature, both glass fibre and mineral wool are go-to materials for a variety of projects. Installed in sections or segments, their thickness and densities are chosen to best suit the application before being securely butted and fixed.  Regardless of the bends, elbows or tees involved, MC Thermal Insulations will always ensure the perfect final finish is then applied and completed to industry-leading standard. Whether it’s stainless steel, aluminium, PIB, or otherwise, we’ll advise on the best finish for the job.

H&V Bright Class ‘O’ / H&V White Class ‘O’

Fitted, abutted and finished with matching soft aluminium, bright/white class ‘O’ H&V provides an aesthetically pleasing end result. We decide on the appropriate thickness to be used before installing in sections to be secured with banding or 50/75mm foil tape, to ensure the end result is as appealing as it is effective at insulating.

Koolphen / Armaflex

Thanks to their closed cell structure, the above materials offer excellent moisture resistance while boasting low and stable thermal conductivity. They also offer the benefits of being rigid, lightweight and strong and provide resistance against a wide range of chemicals, solvents and fungus/moulds.

MC Thermal Insulations can provide the above materials on request, all finished to the perfect specifications.

Rockwool Fire Tube Section & Fire-teK BD 917

Used to protect circular steel sections, rectangular ductwork and plastic pipes, Rockwool fire tube and Fire-teK BD 917 are ideal choices for passive fire protection systems thanks to their excellent thermal insulation properties and dimensional stability at high temperatures.

Cladding / Finishes


A rigid PVC film best suited for jacketing insulated pipes, Isogenopak offers the desirable quality of being self-extinguishable while also resisting acids, alkalis, salts, oil, petrol, aliphatic hydrocarbons and corrosive atmospheres.

Fastened, protected and fixed by either sealing tape, adhesive, plastic rivets or propriety methods, this is a popular choice for both customers and ourselves when insulating pipework.

Polyisobutylene (PIB)

Used to provide a weatherproof finish, PIB is a completely hydrophobic material. This makes it ideal for electrical insulation, due to having no electrical conductivity or oxidation. We use 0.8mm black PIB sheeting with propriety fixing as appropriate for a tried-and-tested finish for a variety of projects.


Aluzinc is cold rolled galvanized steel with a metal coating. Thanks to its formable, weldable nature, it readily accepts paint finishes and offers superior long term corrosion resistance in most atmospheric conditions, making it an ideal choice for roofing and flashing, wall claddings, gutter and rainpipes – amongst other applications.


Stucco implements traditional masonry by combining concrete, sand and lime to create a hardened and highly durable material that requires little maintenance. Due to the adaptable preparation and application process, stucco can be brushed, trowelled or textured to create a variety of aesthetically pleasing finishes. We apply the stucco in three layers over a moisture membrane and metal stucco lath, ensuring strong bonds and structure support.

End Capping

Designed to complete the installation of foil-covered high temperature insulated steam and boiler pipes, end capping is used where valves, flanges and other fittings are left purposefully exposed. We ensure these fittings are then abutted and preformed with aluminium end capping, perfectly fabricated to suit the thickness and diameter required.


MC Thermal Insulations will supply and install mineral wool (otherwise known as rock wool) to the desired vessel, an extremely lightweight and flexible material that holds in place between timber, metal frames and rafters without the need for further fixtures. Thanks to its high performance, mineral wool remains one of the most popular insulation materials, and with good reason.

Protected with metal cladding for resistance against mechanical and moisture damage while retaining the most attractive aesthetics, we’ll ensure your vessels are future-proof as well as


Depending on the project’s requirements, MC Thermal Insulations will advise on, supply and install mineral wool slab, duct wrap or lamella mat to the ducting before securely fastening. We’ll then apply the chosen (or recommended) finish to complete the work.

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